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“GSAAG produce and supply grains and animal proteins from South America to the World”

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“committed to seeking harmonious co-existence between business and nature, as well as sustainable growth of enterprise, employees and the whole community"

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“partnered with China State Owned Enterprises and world-class Strategic Alliance Partners”

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“Quality & Quantity Food, Sustainably Produced”

The GSAAG Company

GSAAG is the union of over 100 years of tradition and productivity in grains and animal protein production, with strong family farming values, together with international entrepreneurship, state of the art technologies, project development & management, and financial expertise to provide sustainable quality and quantity food to the world.

Fostering international best practices, through world-class partnerships and strategic alliances GSAAG is committed to providing high quality integrated food supply, whilst seeking harmonious co-existence between business and nature, as well as sustainable growth and development of the whole community, employees, partners and the company.

GSAAG has a full lifecycle integrated business model that includes production, sourcing, storage and handling, industrial processing, trading and logistics to deliver the product to our Clients. This is supported by re-investing profits directly and indirectly to increase sustainable growth of production in existing and new production frontiers, which in turn also directly supports local community development.

The GSAAG Shareholders

Golden Sky Energy Group (GSEG)

GSEG is a vertically integrated multinational conglomerate, with a highly experienced international leadership and management team. GSEG is actively engaged in a wide range of global industrial sectors.

The GSEG core business model is to identify, evaluate and secure world-class major capital project opportunities and to establish a coalition of local and national stakeholders to support these projects into full developments, with GSEG providing the overall project ownership and management, combined with all the necessary financial and technical resources both directly and with Strategic Alliance partners.

GSEG also creates Strategic Joint Venture Companies with recognised leading international companies, deploying GSEG’s unique global relationships and expertise to unlock the full potential value.

JP Granos (JPG)

JPG is a company founded in 1915, based on the concept of cooperatives within the same Entre Ríos Province in Argentina. Although originally dedicated to the production and processing of rice, it has transformed itself over the years into a food production and processing company.

In 1925, it started to produce wheat and corn, investing in storage besides grain production.

Following over 100 years of organic growth and expansion through acquisitions, in 2018 JPG went through a third restructuring process, now aiming at developing the JP brand at global level. First, we established JP United States and JP Hong Kong. Now we are in the process of developing JP Brazil, JP Uruguay, JP Spain and JP Dubai.

It now seeks global reach, based on the very same mainstream principles and making sure we maintain our supply position in the internal markets. Today JPG is going through a restructuring process to open itself to the world.

Today JPG offers solutions and services that address the needs of producers, helping them with harvest sales, price negotiation and business management. We also help them, whenever necessary, in managing operations, carrying out administrative and logistics tasks associated with streamlining export operations in a quick and transparent manner.

Today JPG stands for an integrated food business including Production and Processing, Services, Storage and Handling, Logistics and Transportation.


Golden Sky Energy Group’s Joint Venture Shipping Company

The global shipping of our agricultural and aquacultural products to our clients is provided by GSEG