GSAAG produce and supply grains and animal protein from South America to the world.

GSAAG has a full lifecycle integrated business model that includes production, sourcing, storage and handling, industrial processing, trading and logistics to deliver the product to our Client.

Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and managed from global operating offices, we are an entrepreneurial and nimble structure with the right and strong culture to supply food to the world attending its increasing demand.

GSAAG is committed to providing high quality integrated food supply, keeping harmonious co-existence between business and nature, as well as sustainable growth and development of the whole community, employees, partners and the company.

Our long term vision is supported by re-investing profits directly and indirectly to increase sustainable growth of production in existing and new production frontiers, which in turn also directly supports local community development.

“producing and supplying, in high quality and quantity, grains and animal proteins to feed the world”

GSAAG produces and supplies agriculture and animal protein products for regions with high demand around the world through our globally integrated supply chain.


We produce grains, oilseeds, and animal protein in South America.


We source high quality products from major producing countries in South America together with our farming partners and established long term suppliers. Our sourcing of high quality and volumes of products is being expanded to new global production frontiers.

Storage and handling

Safety and quality drives how we collect, store and handle our products.

Industrial Processing

We process and refine a portion of our own production.


Our various trading platforms connects efficiently supply and demand markets.

Logistics for transportation

Our efficient transportation network is key for our business and the safety and quality of our products.