Our Corporate Governance

GSAAG has sound Corporate Governance Standards that consolidate: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Policies, Ethics Line Procedure and Code of Ethics.

Its robust Organization Framework with our Guiding Principles, Governance Structure and Roles and Responsibilities consolidates our Corporate Governance package. Further details are available upon request.

Our Quality

GSAAG quality products reflect our Food and Feed Quality & Safety Policy. This policy is part of our Corporate Governance Standards.

Our Policies

GSAAG formalised policies are an integral part of our company-wide sustainability approach.

These policies are part of our Corporate Governance Standards:

⦁   Human Rights Policy
⦁   Labour & Modern Slavery Policy
⦁   Environmental Policy
⦁   Anti-Corruption Policy
⦁   Food and Feed Quality & Safety Policy
⦁   Health and Safety Policy
⦁   Whistleblowing Policy
⦁   Stakeholder Engagement Policy
⦁   Privacy Policy