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A global agriculture and aquaculture business with a clear vision, strong values and an entrepreneurial culture.

GSAAG the “GSEG-JPG Agri-Aqua Group” was incorporated on 30th June 2020, consolidating a Joint Venture between Golden Sky Energy Group (GSEG) and JP Granos (JPG).

GSAAG combines JPGs over 100 years of South American tradition in grains and animal protein production with GSEG international entrepreneurship with strong relationships with the Chinese market, including its PRC State Owned Enterprise (SOE) and Global Partners.

The clear vision of GSAAG is to become a world class agribusiness and one of the top 5 players in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Food Business, focused on a sustainable integrated business model and maintaining integrity and food security on both the supply and demand side.

Whilst the export of Agri-Aquacultural products from Latin America to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the World market will become the cornerstone of GSAAG, the greater ambitions are to create a best in class global company.

The core business is to provide Agri-Aquacultural products globally from; own production, partners and third parties; supplying to Asia Pacific, Africa, CIS, Europe and Middle East.

In addition to securing product supply, our long term business plans include direct investments in existing and new developments, together with our PRC State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Platform Partners and Global Partners. The aim is to enhance global production capability directly at the producing sites and indirectly (e.g. Ports, Power Plants, Dams and Irrigation Systems), by deploying the state of the art technologies and best practices to drive efficiencies whilst ensuring sustainable developments that ultimately support global climate sustainability.

The intention is to list GSAAG on the main board of the London Stock Exchange within a five year timeframe.

“Our corporate logo and branding has received a prestigious Trademark in the People’s Republic of China  and Worldwide”