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Aquacultural Products

Produce from the Sea and Fresh water will form an integral part of the core offering to our global clients.

GSAAG has in place sustainable sourcing of aquacultural produce from Latin America.

In the next phase of business development, GSAAG will take a significant position in Europe, focusing on Norway and the United Kingdom. As per our business model, we intend to partner with established local players and provide them unique and substantial growth opportunities for export in our established places of operations.

Furthermore, we re-invest our profits to expand the total production supply chain capability. We also ensure best practices are shared across all global operations to achieve our stated environmental and sustainability goals.

This opportunity for partnership is open to both governmental agencies and established private sector operating companies.


“Producing, Sourcing, Processing, Trading and Distribution”

New Customer Enquiries
For approved clients, GSAAG can provide our comprehensive product list, technical and commercial data books. Contact us for further information.