Increasing our production and sourcing capabilities and our market share in high-growth destination markets is key to our vision for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

Leveraging our partnerships with China’s leading companies will foster our vision to become a world-class global agri-business.

GSAAG Key Strategy Points

Our Clients

Exceed our Clients expectations attending their needs and requirements.

Our Stakeholders Commitment, Vision and Culture

Increase our Stakeholders’ adherence to our values, maximizing our production, quality and regional capabilities.

Financial responsibility

Solid balance sheet to support our organic growth and growth through acquisitions strategy.

Innovation and intelligence

Information and intelligence management, through our business model to create and apply innovative strategy and tools to maximise our markets.

Production and Sourcing

Strategic investments on our own production and on our farming partners’ production, allowing sustainable growth for our core products: grains, oilseeds and animal protein.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Improve quality and productivity on our current assets and develop key partnerships and investments to increase our capacity to provide for our Clients.