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“To build a sustainable long term business, we will secure and expand our future production of grains, animal proteins and identify projects that will improve our Total Supply Chain performance”

Animal proteins

We are analysing an integrated greenfield Poultry Production Complex megaproject in Brazil for the production of 1,630,000 birds/day (3,500 ton/ day).

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It covers the entire production chain: broiler breeding and breeding, production of fertile eggs and their cores, hatchery of fertile eggs, Feed and Grain Storage Plant, Aviaries for Broilers, with integration and fattening of live birds, Slaughterhouse, Flour and By-Products Factory, Embed and Industrialized Factory.
We are studying two units in southern Brazil and up to ten similar facilities in China.


We are structuring production clusters for our farming partners in Brazil, offering managerial and financial support covering the entire supply chain up to grain storage in our warehouses. 

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We have potential partners identified in Mato Grosso, Bahia and Para states.

More details of the new production clusters coming soon.


We have identified in Brazil two integrated railroad and port projects servicing the grain production areas in Para and Espirito Santo states.

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More details of our major Capital Project Programme coming soon.