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GSAAG combines over 100 years of tradition in grains and animal protein production with strong family farming values together with international entrepreneurship to please our Clients with quality and healthy food and feed products. We connect farmers to the marketplace making food and feed more available.

GSAAG consolidates many cultures, languages and backgrounds. Forging the bonds among colleagues, Clients and partners are key to deliver good products where it is needed.

Teamwork is fundamental through all our integrated supply chain.

We encourage our people to be always proactive, nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on safety for our people and stakeholders, taking ownership on every step of our operation and looking for constant improvements to better serve our clients and the society. This proactive attitude requires local expertise and global connections, as well as integrity, innovation and creativity.

“over 100 years of tradition in grains and animal protein production”

“strong family farming values, always in the heart of the local community”

Risk management is a vital action for our business. Identifying and monitoring market, credit and operational risks allows the planning of mitigation actions, bringing reliability to our business model.

We are always looking for the expansion of our own and our partners’ production capabilities, as well as, to improve the performance of our supply chain that includes handling, storage, processing, trading and logistics.

Strategic worldwide strong partners are pivotal for our long-term growth strategy to be sustainable and profitable. We grow together with our clients, partners and communities, always based on our core values of integrity, diversity and inclusiveness, innovation and sustainability.

Stakeholders’ engagement and alignment is key for our long-term growth strategy and it brings mutual benefits on long-term relationships.