We are proud to have the support of distinguished alliance partners alongside our original founding shareholders, GSEG and JPG.

GSEG and JPG relationships give GSAAG a significant base to leverage. Thanks to our relationships we have unrivalled access to the International Market, in particular with the growing Chinese market, at a time when demand for agricultural and aquacultural commodities continues to soar.

Golden Sky Energy Group (GSEG)

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A new corporate entity, Golden Sky Energy Group (GSEG), was developed from November 2018 and formerly launched in November 2019 to consolidate all past business activities into one holding company and to create a new corporate branding to reflect the renewed focus on Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Global Climate Sustainability, through major Energy, Infrastructure and Agri-Aquaculture developments and operations.

GSEG is developing into a vertically integrated multinational conglomerate, with a highly experienced international leadership and management team. GSEG is actively engaged in a wide range of global industrial sectors. The registered Head Office and Management of Control is in Bermuda, with the principal operational offices in Hong Kong (China) and London (UK).

GSEG Leadership

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Co-CEO:           Edward Lee       (李德文)

Co-CEO:           Surinder Rai     CEng FIChemE FEI  

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The GSEG core business model is to identify, evaluate and secure world-class major capital project opportunities and to establish a coalition of local and national stakeholders to support these projects into full developments, with GSEG providing the overall project ownership and management, combined with all the necessary financial and technical resources both directly and with Strategic Alliance partners.

GSEG also creates Strategic Joint Venture Companies with recognised leading international companies, deploying GSEG’s unique global relationships and expertise to unlock the full potential value.

Strategic Business Sectors

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(Conventional & Renewables)


(Sustainable Developments)


(Grains, Animal Proteins & Seafood – Production, Trading & Developments)

Commodities Trading

(Agri-Aquaculture, Hydrocarbons: Crude, LNG, HC Products, Metals & Minerals)


(Pharmaceuticals, Medical Services & PPE)


(Asset Management & Private Fund Management Licenses)

Our History and What we do

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Through different brand names and corporate entities, GSEG has been active in the fields of energy, infrastructure and finance for over two decades.

GSEG has been creating, structuring and implementing major international projects in the Asia, North Africa, Middle-East, and North & South America. The activities have included major capital projects in the fields of upstream oil & gas, pipelines, petrochemicals, oil refining, LNG, trading and distribution.

GSEG has been led by a diverse group of industry professionals with decades of international major capital project development and management experience. Combined with an entrepreneurial approach and personal relationships at the level of Heads of State and Energy Ministers in every country of operation, this has resulted in demonstrable successes.

The greatest opportunities present themselves in the most difficult environments. In all our countries of historic and current operations, as a result of the highly complex mix of geopolitics, security and the technical aspects of the projects, this has resulted in the most challenging combination of developments. However, with our entrepreneurial approach, combined with traditional industry expertise to deploy state of the art technologies, project management knowledge and leveraging all our established networks, we were able to yield genuine results.

This level of business performance from a relatively small, but highly effective group, brought us to the attention of a number of world class private sector companies and State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) and the idea of creating a multinational vertically integrated conglomerate, with strong strategic partnerships with governmental and private sector world class companies, to undertake any type of global development was born.

GSEG Global Locations

GSEG Timeline