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Grains & Oilseeds

GSAAG has its main production areas in South America – the world’s largest exporting grains & oil seeds region. GSAAG focuses its strategy for supplying these products from four mains areas – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The production of soy and its by-products is currently one of the most dynamic activities in the Argentine and South America south cone economy. It was introduced in the mid-1970s, when crops began to have local commercial scale. An unprecedented growth in harvesting and demand were experienced since then, at the international level, and this new scenario became the basis for the upcoming competitive advantage, and now it is the most important product of Argentine agriculture.

In parallel, grain processing capacity has also increased year by year, both through investments to increase mills capacity and improvement of ports for export.

In 1996 the Argentine market started to harvest transgenic soybean seeds, commercially known as the “RR” seed: Roundup Ready.


“Producing, Sourcing, Processing, Trading and Distribution”

New Customer Enquiries
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